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Dignity Educational Consultants offer the following services:

1. Investment Planning

We guide our clients through the healthcare school business process to reduce costs and increase return on investment.

2. Risk Management

Through years of experience with the schools offering healthcare programs, we help reduce our clients' risks.

3. Expert Consulting

Opening Healthcare schools is our consulting expertise. We assist with paperwork like curriculums, syllabus, etc. Become our client and open a successful vocational school offering healthcare programs.


How it works:

1. Attend Dignity Educational Consulting Seminar (OPTIONAL)

2. Sign agreement, pay deposit and your work commences


Do you want to open a school offering healthcare programs like Nursing assistants, EKG Techs. Phlebotomists, Medical Assistants?

Are you ready to avoid multiple errors and save your money and time?

Are you willing to be guided by an expert with over a decade of experience running successful healthcare training schools?



Fill the form below 



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Which State are you located?*

Our minimum consulting package is $30,000. Is that within your budget?*

How soon are you planning to open your school business?*

Do you already have another business running now?*

Please list the program or programs you intend to offer*

Each prospective client has the option of attending a virtual/in person seminar of $3000. The fee for the virtual seminar is deducted from the consulting fee if client chooses our consulting services. If they choose not to engage our services, they can simply attend the seminar. You can also choose not to attend the seminar and simply engage our services. The fee for the seminar is non-refundable. Do you understand that?

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